Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fixed newsletter template

Last November, we were asked to design a multi-paged template that would serve as the fixed bi-annual newsletter for a non-profit organization.

We began by offering different samples to the client so they could make an informed choice. This included a combination of table-based and CSS template layouts. The client ultimately selected the following permanent layout:

Click here to see the actual newsletter.

The template was constructed using tables, but was based on the "Multiflex-3" CSS-layout by Wolfgang (OSWD).

The header had to be created using exact measurements (900W x 150H) in order to fit snugly on the allotted second row. Starting with a blank slate, we added text (bold Trajan font, color: #424963) with the client's logo at the end.


Other fixed features for the newsletter included a scrolling menu for re-occurring notices, articles and reports, member photos with flash navigation, and customized buttons to be used on a regular basis (specifically for donation purposes and photo galleries).

The WASHANA newsletter took quite a bit of time to put together initially. However, now that the template is basically fixed, future issues will be easier to assemble.

To view more newsletter template designs, click here.


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