Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book cover for Bloodfrost

One of our newest book cover designs includes Bloodfrost by Deidre Dalton, which is the first volume in the Bloodline Trilogy.

When developing a design for a book cover, we take into account the general storyline of the novel and the characters within. Author suggestions are always welcome. On occasion, we will use the author's personal artwork if it has a professional appearance and keeps with our workability requirements.

Like it or not, a book cover is a potential reader's first introduction to an author's work and can quite often make or break a sale.

According to the author's web site, Bloodfrost is described as follows:
Old before her time and afflicted with a myriad of medical problems, Noel Gatsby retreats into her "wishful-thinking" dreams every night. Desperate to escape the circumstances of her life, she imagines a world where all of her pain and suffering stops, to be replaced by the vigorous health of her youth. Yet each morning she awakens to the misery of her real existence, consumed by pain and depression. 
Then one night her dreams come true.

Noel is transported to another world, where healing hands work their magic on her tired body. She awakens without pain, filled with an exuberance and joy she never thought to experience again. 
She soon learns her miraculous recovery comes at a price...
You be the judge. Does the cover fit the storyline? Keep in mind, the fictional "healing process" involves blood. Without giving too much away, Bloodfrost contains paranormal elements.

For the cover, we used a large-sized rendition of a stock photo by Anton Belovodchenko (SXC). After several layers and color blending, we arrived at the final product. It is now on display at the author's web site, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and Smashwords.

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