Monday, December 24, 2012

Excel/WAM Guide

Before importing an Excel spreadsheet (CSV) for correct use in Coffee Cup’s Website Access Manager (WAM), the spreadsheet has to contain information placed in a certain order. The various lettered columns signify specific information fields in WAM, so the data must be provided accurately in order for the spreadsheet to import properly. The list below displays the guideline:

A)   Real Name
B)   Title
C)   Username
D)   Password
E)   Website
F)    E-Mail
G)   Company Name
H)   Address 1
I)     Address 2
J)    City
K)   State
L)    Zip
M)  Country
N)   Phone
O)   Fax
P)   Language
Q)   Time Zone
R)   Note
S)   Expiration Date (uses local system date format)

Leave the lettered column blank if the information is not needed, but do not place incorrect information in blank column or it will throw off the placement when imported into WAM.

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